Prepare Articles For Distribution


toSocial prepares Facebook, Twitter thumbnails for an article by staming article cover image with your logo. This helps potential readers sort out links from generic news websites and click through only on those they’re genuinely interested in.

Where can you use it?

You can use toSocial to stamp daily articles by categorising articles as one of Opinion, Reportage, Analysis or Wire Reports. Alternatively, you could also use it for special series and events like World Cup, Elections, etc.


It took this cover image


and created this thumbnail for Facebook and Twitter


and this 1:1 image for Instagram.



Tick No need to know code
Tick Free to use
Tick Supports Facebook
Tick Supports Twitter
Tick Supports Instagram

One-time setup required

Setup a AWS Cloudfront or Akamai CDN and point it to ProtoGraph

Either manually create images and add to your article or API integrate.

Individual tools by International Center for Journalists and ProtoGraph platform by Pykih.